Humming bird cache issue


I enabled caching on my website however it created some issues with my css files so I went ahead and disabled the plugin. My site is now completely broken no css is being applied at all, what can I do to fix this I removed any humming bird stuff from my htaccess and cleared my local cache.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Sam,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I visited your site and it loads nice for me and doesn't seem to fetch any resources from Hummingbird's cache. I did however not visit your site before.

    If you previously enabled "Browser caching" option in Hummingbird it would mean that the plugin told your browser(s) to store served data temporarily on your computer(s) and to fetch it directly from there. Since you disabled Hummingbird these files are no longer available and browser cannot pick them until its internal (browser's local) cache expires.

    This is not a bug in Hummingbird but the way "browser caching" works. As a name suggests "browser caching" works directly in your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, etc). As a result browser that's instructed to load site (or some of its resources) from "browser cache" loads it from the hard drive of your computer.

    It seems that the "Minification" feature of Hummingbird was also enabled so the "browser cache" cached references to those minified files. Now those are not available and that's why the site breaks for you.

    Please try clearing your browser's cache and it should load the page properly:

    Also, if this is of no help, make sure that if there's any caching plugin on your site (such as e.g. W3 Total Cache, WP Supercache or similar) that cache is also purged/emptied.

    Then if you wish we can give Hummingbird another go. The fact that the site broke after enabling Hummingbird would most likely be caused by minification settings that should be fine tuned. If you grant a support access to the site (as described here) I'll be glad to review the site and help you with that.

    Best regards,

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