Humming Bird messing with media uploads ?

i was experiencing something very strange when trying to upload images and i think i may have found the issue.
basically when uploading images from the main site (multisite) they would say "complete" but would not say "crunching" (or whatever else) and there would be no preview image in the media library and also the images would not show in pages.
the last thing i installed was humming bird and defender.
so i checked the htaccess and deleted the humming bird code which seems to be added by clicking "enable caching".
after this the media upload, library preview and images in pages worked fine.
my site actually seemed quicker when i deactivated the plugin but i guess that may be another question for another day.
also by disabling it from dashboard does not seem to help or remove the code from htaccess unless i manually delete via FTP.
support access is granted if you want to take a look and its experimental so feel free "to do your thing" :slight_smile:
can you confirm if this indeed can cause issues with the media library ?
kind regards.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello amused,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I've checked your site. I've enabled Humingbird and I think you're good to go with it now. Let me explain that please.

    You web server is Apache and I understand from your post that you on your "Network Admin -> Hummingbird -> Browser Caching" page you've selected Apache from the drop-down list and then enabled caching.

    The issue here is that the CloudFlare is implemented for your domain and they're using NGINX web server. Hummingbird detects it properly as it's checking the "top-most layer". This detection is as it should be and although all the "buttons" in "Summary" box are red (indicating that caching is disabled) it's all right. That's because CloudFlare implements browser caching and gzip compression at their level. The bottom line is that there's no need to make changes to current "browser caching" and "gzip compression" settings for your site unless you quit on Cloudflare.

    I think though that it would be better to stick to them:

    I also think that you're right about the source of the issue. By "forcing" Hummingbird to enable browser caching while all the data still goes through the CloudFlare's servers (that does caching as well) may result in "caching already cached data", so to say, and that can result in such unexpected issues.

    Best regards,

  • amused

    wow thank you for such speedy and thorough troubleshooting and explanation !!!
    your solution offered was actually in the back of my mind initially ;
    i.e. how cache/performance plugins play with other services.
    can they be redundant ? cause conflicts ? etc.

    possibly wpmudev developers can come up with some sort of intuitive way to remedy this ?
    not just for "humming bird" but also for "defender" as i notice more hosts are offering SiteLock now.
    for example, when i check through "WP rocket" change log, they seem to really make an effort that their plugin will compliment other CDN's / hosts etc.

    just my 2cents and thoughts.
    thanks again for your kind and amazing assistance and support here !!!
    BLESS !!!

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