Hummingbird and Divi 3.0

Hi, I use Hummingbird. Now I updated the theme from Elegant theme Divi 3.0 and when was activated Hummingbird Visual builder not open. When I disabled the plugin Hummingbird, visual builder worked ok.
How can I change the setting of Hummingbird to work with Divi 3.0 visual builder?

thank you

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Peter,

    This is most likely caused by "Minification" feature of Hummingbird. The "minification" process includes compressing JS/CSS files but also combining them into single files (so for example instead of 5 JS files WP loads just 2 that contain all the scripts).

    This is a great tool that can significantly increase you site's performance but there's no single "universal" setting and it is possible that on some setups some "tweaking" may be needed. This is however a "trial and error" type of task.

    My suggestion would be to enable Hummingbird, and then:
    - go to "Minification" settings
    - switch minification off (with a switch on the right of the "Re-check files" button)
    - then click on "Re-check" files

    This would bring back "default" minification settings. Once this is done, you will want to switch on/off "minify" and "combine" buttons for all scripts (there's a lot of combinations possible, unfortunately) until you find a "balance" between improvement (reported by Hummingbird) and "non-breaking" setting.

    I realize this is a time consuming task but this is not something we could simplify more as there's no way of automatically setting up configuration for all possible site (meaning combo of different plugins and themes).

    Let me know if this is issue with minification.

    kind regards,

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