Hummingbird and render blocking JS

Hi, I am currently using Hummingbird to optimize my page speed. According to the Hummingbird report it seems that I need to defer parsing of some Javascript files, but when I use the hummingbird tools, these JS files are not included in the list that I can minimize/put in the footer. Any idea where/how I can do this?


  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Carl,

    Thanks for granting access, I had a look at your installation and after re-running the performance test score updated because you have minification enabled and the main issue now affecting the score is image optimization.

    That's because on your home page slider under "Annual Report Design" background image is full size and in smush settings you have disabled an option to optimize full size images.
    If you enable this, and smush your original images you should see improvement in score after re-running performance report.

    Best regards,

  • Carl Barber

    Hi Predrag,

    Thanks for looking - that image was actually uploaded after I was having the render blocking js issue. Although I can see that the new images need smushing - which is also odd as I definitely had the original image smush turned on!?
    Anyway, I've tried to resmush the new images individually but I keep getting an error saying it cannot smush them. Any ideas?

    Regardless of the image issue, which I'm sure I can fix, Google page speed is still flagging the js and some css files. The same ones that appear in the 'Remove Render Blocking Resources' in the Performance Report. How can I go about addressing these?

    Your assistance, much appreciated,

    Best regards


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Carl!

    Thank you for letting us know about images.

    As for the "render blocking resources". I checked both Hummingbird's performance report and the PageSpeed tool and there are few aspects of that:

    1. On the Minification page the "Combine" option is disabled for all the files
    2. Most of the files seem to be moved to the footer but not all

    The way to improve that is to try to enable "combine" option for as many files as possible and then also try to move as many of them to the footer as possible. It is probable that not all of them can be treated that way without breaking the site so it may take a bit of "trial&error" attempts to find the "maximum optimization" level. That is however related specifically to the particular setup so it's the only way to "fine tune" that. Give it a try please and in case you decided you need more assistance with it, let me know please.

    There are also two more options that could help here: on a minification settings screen you may switch the "super-minify my files" and "store my files on WPMU DEV CDN" options and these should also improve the score.

    You mentioned that some files are not listed on Minification page. That may happen sometimes and is related to the way those files are loaded by the site and/or their "relationships" with other resources. In same cases it's just not possible to "automatically" handle some files and they are not visible there if Hummingbird is not able to deal with them.

    Therefore after fine tuning Hummingbird's minification as much as possible the way for further optimization of those "render blocking resources" may require some more complex action such as e.g. reviewing and removing or replacing some of the plugins and/or even creating a custom theme.

    Implementing a CDN in front of the site may also help here (CloudFlare integrates well with Hummingbird).

    Kind regards,

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