Hummingbird Asset Optimization Keeps Reverting Back To Old Files

I’m running into a really frustrating experience with Hummingbird. We rolled out a new single post template layout using Elementor Pro. We had to change some things in the child theme CSS file that was overwriting some stuff in the new design using Elementor. I made the change and then cleared the site cache via Hummingbird > Caching. Nothing changed. So I went to Hummingbird > Asset Optimization (which, by the way, I’m still unclear as to why these are two separate areas), and then I cleared the cache from there. Nothing changed.

I could see in Chrome’s Inspector that the problem was Hummingbird’s cached CSS file, so I went in via FTP and just deleted the file. Still nothing changed and so then I was super confused! Finally, in desperation and just guessing, I clicked the Re-Check Files button in Asset Optimization. This finally made the whole site start using the newer CSS file from the child theme and everything started working.

After hours of work, and still confused, I went to bed last night. Today I checked the site, thinking I’d share with the client how it’s all updated and looking nice, and found everything had reverted back to the old files again and was looking terrible again! :tired_face:

So, I’m completely at a loss. What is happening!? How in the world could that even happen? I must be really misunderstanding something about Hummingbird and the way it works or there’s a serious bug at work here. It’s making me think I’m crazy and it’s pretty frustrating. Please help!