Hummingbird Browser Caching Expiry Questions

I have a client who will be updating the site with new content on a daily or multiple times a day basis. The site is

If I turn on browser caching with hummingbird which will set the expiry to 8+ days, will that prevent the real time/new updates from being seen? It currently shows as disabled, does that mean that everything is instant for now and not cached? I'm referring to it from the media and images standpoint.


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello @cornelius_butler!

    No, under "normal" circumstances, browser cache would not cause that. Any new content - like new posts and so on - would be instantly available to the visitor.

    The browser cache might "delay" availability of changes in a bit different way. For example:

    - you, as a developer, decide to make a change in one of the JS scripts; you do the change and save the script file; if there's no "query strings" appended to the URL of that file or they are but are not changed, such JS script would be cached and visitor will not get the change instantly (until cache expires)

    - you want to change an image in a post and you do that by simply replacing image file on a server so it's a different image but in the same folder and under the same file name (so it's URL is exactly the same); such an image might also be served from cache.

    - you make some small change in a text on page where the text is hard coded in a template file; such change can also be cached.

    However, if you just add a new post or other type of content, that will be available to the visitor. The browser cache is not a "full page" cache which means that browser is not caching entire, already rendered page. It is only caching some specific resources. So, when visitor comes to the page here's what happens:

    1. browser sends a request for a page to the server
    2. server responds with some data
    3. among that data may be references to some resources such as CSS or JavaScript
    4. browser checks that and if it sees that it already has some of the resources stored in cache, it doesn't send request for them.

    However, the rest of the requested page (including any new content) is fetched from server.

    I hope that makes sense to you :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

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