[Hummingbird] Cache preloading

I have just installed Hummingbird and wanted to test the performance of opace.co.uk using this plugin rather than Litespeed Cache. It’s a Litespeed server by the way.

I like some of the features but the speed isn’t quite as good. In particular, most pages don’t seemed to be cached on first visit so I’m not convinced the cache warming/preloading is working properly. Is there any way to tell or see a log of the URLs which have been cached? Better yet, can this be configured or controlled ?

How do I check this and what can I do if pages aren’t cached when the preload is reporting as complete? Are there any third-party cache warming/preloading tools that will work with Hummingbird as it would be really useful to have some visibility and control over this?

Also, I’ve just viewed the source code and JS files are being loaded from the main domain, shouldn’t these be served from the Hummingbird CDN?