[Hummingbird] CDN causing poor performance score

Hey there, I really like your tools! I'm just learning each of them and have come across an issue that I need some more insight about - when I run a website speed test through GTmetrix I get a F grade for parsing of JavaScript and most of the items are coming from the wpmucdn now. I have a screenshot that I can share if needed. Not sure if I have the CDN setup incorrect. Any insight and help is wonderful. Thank you! -Trent

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    Hi, Trent!

    Thanks for contacting us, hope you are doing great :slight_smile:

    Deferring the parsing of JS can be achieved by loading it "later", which means moving as many scripts as possible to the footer of the site. That can be done with Hummingbird’s Asset Optimization settings.

    While having links like https://hb.wpmucdn.com/ means that the WPMU DEV CDN is active. The WPMU DEV CDN loads CSS and JS file from your site via our CDN (this makes these files to be loaded faster). If the WPMU DEV CDN is deactivated from the Hummingbird > Asset Optimization, the GTmetrix scan should return the same files but using your domain URL.

    Please, try disabling the WPMU DEV CDN and check which JS files are these, and then try moving them into the footer via Asset Optimization to improve this score. You will need to have the Advanced Mode enabled on it:

    Please, make sure to apply one change at a time and check each time that the front end is loading well after applying each change. Moving all the scripts at once to the footer has the potential to break the front-end of the site so, even though it may be time-consuming, it would be better to move one JS file to the footer, check the site and if it works well, move on to the next file; if it breaks, switch Position back to "original" for that file and skip to next one.

    If these options are already applied to the files, this means that Hummingbird has already improved your score for this option to the maximum.

    Just as a reminder, please make sure to have a COMPLETE and UPDATED backup of the site before applying any change on it.

    Hope this helps!

    Kind regards,

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