Hummingbird CDN custom URL

Would like to know whether there is any option to change the Hummingbird CDN URLs to a custom one, for example:


Also, it seems like, if the CDN doesn't have domain ownership, it does seem to affect the SEO. So, the above method of customising the CDN links, should help in resolving such issues pointed in here:

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Greg

    I hope you're well today!

    Currently it's not possible to customize this domain. These assets' URLs do include your domain name but not in a way that you described. I'm not sure about what would be technically possible here but I can see how useful such customization would be and that it would be beneficial for SEO.

    This ticket is already in our "Features and Feedback" section so I believe more Members of our Community will vote for that and our developers would then put it on a "to do" list for one of the future versions of the plugin.

    As a kind of "workaround" you could actually switch off WPMU DEV CDN for now in Asset Optimization settings and that would made assets to be served from your site's domain. You would, however, need to test if it affects your site's performance as this behaves differently on different setups.

    That being said, we're constantly improving Hummingbird so I hope such customization could also be added in future.

    Kind regards,

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