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Hi there folks
I've been out on the net, rummaging after software...I was wondering if you might be able to include the option for CDN KEY in hummingbird instead of CloudFlare? Don't get me wrong, I love CloudFlare to bits, but it is a bit pricey if you need more than the free plan which perhaps most of us who have a multisites need

thanks in advance

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Linda,

    Thanks for the request. Cloudflare is the most popular among our users, which is why we included it first, but we can definitely add in more integrations in the future, I'll add KeyCDN to our feature requests. Can't promise that it will happen, but if others add in there support for it and/or request it over any of our other channels then it's definitely more likely it will happen :slight_smile:

    In the meantime, you can still use KeyCDN, but if it offers Minification at all then you will want to leave that option in Hummingbird turned OFF since there will be no communication between the two to ensure they are both on the same page.

    Any further questions on that just let us know.


  • Linda

    Hi there Tyler

    thanks for your quick response and I hope cdn key gets added :slight_smile: but just out of curiosity can we use the free version of cloud flare on subdomains too or only our main site when we are operating a multisite? My ONLY issue with cloudflare is that it goes from 0-20 USD in one go...
    I was also considering using Hola cdn for videos (for my course site) but judging by what you are saying it isn't exactly a good idea to incorporate too many cdn services? can't help myself, I have become absolutely obsessed with load speed hihi :slight_smile:

    thanks in advance


  • Linda

    Hi again Tyler

    Just 1 more request and I'll be quiet as a church mouse :slight_smile: could we please have a 'lazy loader' feature incorporated into hummingbird? that would be really really cool. I've been out looking at available plugins, but the most popular ones aren't tested with my version of wordpress and if it came with hummingbird we would save resources on our sites :O)

    thanks in advance

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