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Switched over Hummingbird for performance/caching. One nice feature in W3 Total Cache (and for a site hosted at SiteGround) was that the plugin staged a Performance link at the top of the dashboard page, so clearing the cache was pretty easy to do. With your version, one must drill down deep on the left pane, expand Hummingbird, click Caching, and then finally get to the clear cache button. Please load a Performance link or Clear Cache link/menu option in the dashboard quick access area. Screenshots showing placement by other vendors vs you: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oziv1m069todywj/FeatureRequest.docx?dl=0

  • Katya Tsihotska
    • Support & QA

    Hi Steve

    Hope you're having a great day!

    Actually, this option for Page Caching is already present in Hummingbird and you just have to enable it :slight_smile:

    Once you'll activate Page Caching, go to the Hummingbird -> Caching -> Settings and turn on the option Show Clear Cache button in Admin area. Don't forget to Save Changes.

    After this, he Clear page cache button will appear in your top admin bar.

    Kind regards,

  • Steve
    • Flash Drive

    Thanks, that's close enough, but do I have to agree with Julian, fake Russian bot or otherwise, that having the drop down is kind of a wasted step. If that is all you present, why not simply make it "Clear Cache" instead of Hummingbird > Clear page cache?

  • Steve
    • Flash Drive

    If you insist on having to go through the brain damage of having to click twice (once on Hummingbird, then for the clear cache action), is there any chance you can just leave the user on the page where the click action was taking place, versus exiting that page and taking me over to the Hummingbird cache page? I just want a simple a way to clear the cache and stay where I am, vs clearing and being taken somewhere else inside Admin that I really didn't want or need to go in the first place. W3TC doesn't do this.

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Steve,

    Just wanted to share an update with you here, we have the request for not redirecting the page on our to-do list so we should see it working this way in one of the next releases :slight_smile:

    And also a bit of an explanation on this one:

    Poll: would you rather need one click or two clicks to clear the cache? Sometimes, the answer is a no-brainer. Like this time. Whatever.

    Dropdown is there because in addition to clear cache it also contains an option to see the page unminified when Asset Optimization is enabled, so instead of overwhelming the admin bar with HB buttons designers decided to go with a dropdown.

    Best regards,

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