Hummingbird Clear Cache in post conflicting with Blog2Social

When Hummingbird creates cahce with Clear Cache button of post it is generating a post of somekind that is interfering with another plugin.

The BlogSocial plugin auto posts new posts to social media when a new post is published, but Hummingbird creates a cache file that is identical to a post which is making the conflict.

Blog2Social Developer suggested a solution

“there is a solution to prevent that the article is being reshared:

Simply deactivate the autoposter checkbox before using the ‘clear cache’ button to prevent that your article is being re-shared.

You can deactivate this feature by default in your blog2social settings for older articles (edited existing articles).”

Turning off a feature will be short term solution, the best solution will be to resolve the conflict.

  • Anton Vanyukov
    • Developer


    Please forward this message to Blog2Social developers.

    Blog2Social developers should filter when the re-share action should be triggered. If they want it only on post updates, they should hook into the edit_post actions and check for $_POST variable or its value. Another alternative would be to compare statuses via the transition_post_status action. It’s a bit strange that they want to limit other plugins to use WP functionality.

    In any case, Hummingbird triggers the save action, because the user is trying to clear the cache. That only means that the content on the frontend of the site (cached file) is different from the one that is stored in the database. Maybe triggering a re-share is a good idea?

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