HummingBird conflict with marketpress global cart

When page cache is active, then cart page gets cached. If a visitor adds a product in a cart and then when the page is cached, if you visit the cart page as another visitor, you will that product in the cart.

I have tried to exclude the cart URL from page cache, but that's not a solution. As -
1. Floating cart will cart show different information in different pages
2. I have to manually add cart and checkout page slugs for all subsites

  • RavanH

    Hi Ash thanks for your kind support and creation of this feature request :slight_smile:

    What I'm hoping for is that Hummingbird could simply scan for MarketPress cookies just as it does (I suppose) for logged-in users or users that commented. And Woocommerce and Easy Digital Downloads as well, if possible :slight_smile:

    A common denominator for Woo and EDD cookies is "*_items_in_cart" (where * is either "wc" or "edd") but MarketPress does not seem to generate such a cookie. It does mp_globalcart_xxx or something else depending on network settings. If MarketPress would generate a "mp_items_in_cart" cookie, it'd be a great way for Hummingbird and other caching plugins to be able to recognize when to not cache queries :slight_smile:

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