[Hummingbird] Conflicting

I have a plugin conflict issue. I am using 'Use Any Font' plugin to change the font on my website, however the Hummingbird Pro plugin seems to conflict with it when I activate caching, it seems to revert the font back to it's default. Is there either a way to resolve this or perhaps there is a WPMU plugin that will allow me to change the font and not conflict with another plugin.



  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Allan

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    The issue is caused by the way Use Any Font plugin is loading fonts.

    To solve this, lease go to "Use Any Font - Additional Settings" and check the option "Use absolute path for font". After that set Hummingbird back to the configuration that's causing the issue, clear its caches (by going to "Hummingbird -> Dashboard" page and clicking "Clear cache" button there), give it some time to rebuild page and minification caches and check the site again. That should resolve the issue.

    If that still doesn't help, go to the "Hummingbird -> Asset Optimization" page, find "uaf_client_css" file and disable "compress" option for it, then again clear all caches, let the plugin rebuild then and check the site.

    Let me know if that worked for you, please.

    Best regards,

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