Hummingbird Doesn't seem to work even after reinstalling the plugin

After reinstalling WPMU Dev Dashboard it seems like Hummingbird is affected and even reinstalling the plugin doesn't seem to solve the problem. Test site is unresponsive, no menu-item for Cloudflare entry, etc. I granted access so please check this out and you have permission to solve this. It is still a Dev multisite so no live sites at the moment.

Kind regards,

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Tom,

    Hope you're weekend is going well so far, besides the above issues of course.

    I had a look at your install and the reason that Cloudflare isn't showing up is because the email and API key need to be filled in first:

    If you deleted Hummingbird at any point then that would of cleared your credentials. The reason we do that is because if you were to sell the site down the road or give someone else access and they decided to use Hummingbird then it would still have your Cloudflare credentials even if you had deleted the plugin. So it is kind of un-userfriendly but it is better security.

    Test site is unresponsive, no menu-item for Cloudflare entry, etc

    I opened all your subsites and I did get a 503 with the dierbaar site; however, I re-saved your domain mapping and now it is working so it may have been just a caching issue or hiccup when it was originally saved.

    Are you still seeing any other issues on your end? I do see you have quite a few performance plugins active so if you do then try deactivating all of them and clear your browser cache then check again. Just so we can rule them out as a cause.

    Look forward to hearing back.


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