[Hummingbird] favicons not appearing

favicons not appearing https://www.velocitywebsites.co.nz/
and https://www.thegalleryfitness.co.nz/

  • Ashik

    Hi Rod,

    Thank you for reaching WPMU DEV support. Hope you're doing well today.

    Sorry to hear favicon isn't working on your sites. After inspecting I can confirm Smush CDN is causing for this favicon issue. I'm escalating this to our SLS team for further troubleshooting. They will take care of it and back with a solution. For a temporary workaround, you may disable Smush CDN until it fixes.

    Please note that SLS team might delay here to respond as they work on more complex issues. Your patience will be appreciated on this.

    Feel free to reply here if you've any more questions or concerns. Have a great day ahead.


  • Ari

    Hey Rod

    Hope you are fine today!

    I found an issue whenever I enable Smush CDN in your site, it move the Icon related HTML to body section instead of head section. and that's why icons are not showing.

    But Smush is working fine in my test sites.

    So it seems the issue is site specific, could be a plugin or theme conflict, so for further testing I need to disable all plugins, change theme, and also I need the FTP details.

    So for testing purpose, it's better to have staging site where I can do my test freely. The test will not remove anything from your site, but since I have to disable plugins and change theme, in that time site will look odd.

    === How to create staging site ===

    In case, if you need more information for how to create staging environmen.

    Usually there are 3 options:

    1) You can do that with hosting, if your hosting provide this feature.
    2) You can use tools like Snapshot Managed Backups (or Duplicator premium, All-in-One WP Migration with their pro multisite extension)
    3) You also can do that manually - here is a guidance to do so: http://www.wpexplorer.com/migrating-wordpress-website/


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