[Hummingbird] Fontawesome icons disappear when activating asset optimization

When i activate asset optimazation the font awesome icons disappear... I have read other support tickets about this, but can't seem to make it work.
The icons are being used in some of our submenus - see the page "Produkter" (menu to the left)

I can see the font awesome files (2) under asset optimazation, but can't turn it off.. It says both are already optimized..

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Konceptas A/S

    I hope you're well today!

    In most cases this is happening when Font Awesome CSS is included on site from CDN. By that, I mean that originally the Font Awesome resources (CSS and actual font files) are located on a CDN (usually it's a MaxCDN as far as I remember) instead of kept locally.

    The font files are referenced in CSS using relative paths. When such a CSS is offloaded to the WPMU DEV CDN, your site "is thinking" that the font files are there as well and is trying to fetch them from there. But they are not there because WPMU DEV CDN stores only CSS and JS files.

    The Hummingbird is trying to "fix" such behavior but it can only do this if the source CSS file is "local to your WP install". To solve that, you might try to disable WPMU DEV CDN in Asset Optimization settings and that should help (though you might need to clear the cache too).

    If it doesn't help, it might be necessary to make Font Awesome CSS files "local" - so they'd be initially loaded form your server and not from their CDN. This would require downloading that CSS, de-registering it from site and registering again using a local path. That could be done with a bit of additional code but I'd need a full access to the site as it might be slightly different depending on the site configuration (so I'd need to work on a specific site).

    That being said, start with disabling WPMU DEV CDN first and see if that helps. In case it didn't work or it did but it would slow down the site significantly and you'd want to keep using it, let me know and I'll tell you what access credentials would I need to solve it and how to send them to me securely.

    Best regards,

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