[Hummingbird] Gzip compression problems

I cannot get Java or CSS Gzip compression to work. Deflate is enabled as is all compression, but hummingbird saying it is not.

My web host says the following:

I've checked the site using the following compression checking tool and it confirms that compression is working on the site:


You can also check this through Developer tools in a Chrome browser:

1. Open 'cateringtoday.co.uk' in Google Chrome.
2. Press the F12 button to open Developer Tools.
3. Select the 'Network' tab and then refresh the page.
4. From the list select the domain name 'cateringtoday.co.uk' and click.
5. Select 'headers'.
6. Under the 'Response headers' section locate the 'Content-Encoding' field to confirm if compression is enabled.

I can confirm that I have been through these steps and your site is reporting 'content-encoding: gzip' indicating that compression is enabled.

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