Hummingbird Breaks Beaver Builder


We are running a WP 4.9.6 Multisite Network with updated versions of all plugins and the most recent version of Beaver Builder Agency network activated.

Hummingbird 1.8.2
Beaver Builder Agency
Beaver Builder Power Pak 2.6.3
Beaver Builder Ultimate Add Ons 1.7.3
Beaver Themer 1.1.2
Beaver Builder Cache helper 1.4

We encountered issues with certain Beaver Builder CSS elements failing to render in published Beaver Builder pages.

The CSS elements rendered ok during editing, but failed to render upon page publishing.

We also experienced pages refusing to publish. They would seem to publish, but no changes appeared afterwards.

We cleared all caches, etc. and were unable to resolve it.

Finally our developer determined the following and we have had to disable Hummingbird to resolve the issues.

"I've tracked down the issue to the "Hummingbird Pro" plugin which I've disabled for the time being. It appears to be related to the CDN, but disabling the CDN feature within the plugin didn't resolve it as it continued to load assets from the WPMU Dev CDN.

From what I could see, the first time you publish the page through the editor the stylesheets are copied to the CDN, however subsequent changes weren't reflected on the CDN. It may be worth getting in touch with WPMU to see if there is a setting that needs adjusting or a hook that can be called to clear the cache properly.

I had to network deactivate the plugin which probably isn't ideal, but it solves the problem for now so you can launch the pages you need to."

Has anyone else experienced issues using Beaver Builder with Hummingbird active and CDN feature active?

Can you assist with this issue?

  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hello SooBahkDo

    Sorry for the issue you are having. This is first time I got any issue with HB and Beaver regarding CDN.

    So, what you mean is, the problem starts when you use CDN, but without CDN (but still minification actives) beaver works fine. And now the issue is, even though you disabled WPMU DEV CDN it's still loading assets from CDN, right?

    I can see you are already using a CDN and cache, was that active when HB CDN was active? What happens if you disable all other caching and CDN and just keep the HB active?

    Also, would you please enable support access so that I can check? Please follow this article to enable support access:

    And can I do some testing on this site? If this is an important live site, do you have any sandbox site where I can do some testing?

    Please let me know. And if you have any extra information that I should follow, feel free to inform.

    Have a nice day!


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