[Hummingbird] Hummingbird Browser Caching Detection

In diagnosing an unrelated NGINX configuration issue for the website, I cleared out all lines added by various WPMU plugins (including Hummingbird and Defender Pro) to start my config fresh. After reloading NGINX site works just fine, minus the new warnings from Hummingbird and Defender asking for some configuration changes.

I put the Defender Pro NGINX config lines back in, reloaded NGINX and passed the checks. In going to Hummingbird to get the NGINX configuration code to add for browser caching, but it says that my server is already configured correctly, but the display showing the various file type caching timouts (JavaScript, CSS, images etc) say "False". This is correct, as there are no brower cache rules in my current NGINX config file (as I cleared them out previously). So scrolling down there is a button to "Show Code". I click that, and my page scrolls down to "Your browser caching is already enabled and working well" - which it is not - I just want the updated code!

So I think there is a little bug here. I would assume if you click on the "Show Code" you should see the code regardless of what Hummingbird detects in terms of NGINX configuration (Hummingbird is showing me two conflicting status' - "false" and "your server is configured correctly" :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time!