[Hummingbird] Hummingbird clearing cache editor role


We and our clients are currently happy users of the Hummingbird plugin.

However there is in our opinion an important feature missing in this plugin.

At this moment there is a feature which adds a Clear Cache button to the WordPress Admin Top bar. But this is only applied for admin users.

File change Detection is set to automatically clear cache. But this doesn’t seem to work properly. Maybe only for admin users?

We also considered to check the option: ‘If one of your pages or posts gets updated, turning this setting on will also regenerate all cached archives and taxonomies for all post types.’ But this could lead to high server load.

Is there an option to make (only) this Clear cache button available for other roles, like the editor role? We strongly recommend to have an option like that. So for instance an editor role (wich we give to our clients) can manually hit that button after they edited pages or posts.

Kind regards,