[Hummingbird] Hummingbird Flagged by 3 External Providers

Hi guys,

Another, resource has identified Hummingbird as causing a detrimental affect on the website/plugins.

Please see below:

Hi Rob,

Thanks for your reply. Just wondering, did you deactivate the "Hummingbird Pro" plugin to check on this? This is what I've done http://somup.com/cqeYh5nTwm and it works fine. Maybe you should check the settings in the "Hummingbird Pro" plugin?


This message is from the Essential Grid web dev.

So GoDaddy, ThemePunch and the Theme dev are all saying the same thing about Hummingbird.

Whenever they fix a broken element – they simply turn off Hummingbird.

I understand that you have recommended a very lengthy test to try turning off all plugins and restarting each one by one etc.

This is very advanced and time consuming. It seems like Hummingbird needs some tweaking.

Regarding the website transfer and trial on WPMU-Dev host, at this time as we are desperately trying to get http://www.eckestudios.com site launched (several weeks late now). We haven't not yet had time to try loading our site to the WPMU-Dev space.

Please advise on your thoughts about Hummingbird feedback.

Thank you,