[Hummingbird] Hummingbird Minification Causing Jetpack Video Widget To Not Display

I need some help / clarity on how to fix an issue I’m having with Hummingbird’s minification. We have a site on our network which is being mapped to the domain, https://jonathanhayashi.com, and this site uses a video widget in the footer of posts. The video widget is from the infamous Jetpack plugin. When I turn off Hummingbird’s minification, it all works fine. When it’s on though, the video just appears as a black box and only plays audio with no video. I have combed through the advanced settings and tried to figure out a way to not include the media element javascript files but there doesn’t seem a way to make this possible. Is there something I’m missing or not understanding? Is there anything we can do to make these work together or just not include these in what is minified by Hummingbird?

An example page on which this widget is in the footer is here.