[Hummingbird] Hummingbird not operating properly

Been having issues with HB that are hard to describe. Built a site and migrated it to production. Tried to turn on image CDN and right away all kinds of problems with images and layout. The thing is, it worked fine on the dev server, but after the migration it didn't, so I'm wondering if its a key or something? another thing thats been happening is that the page itself is rendering oddly/jerky and not smooth....ugh, i know how generic that sounds. Just wondering if you can check on your end if you can see something that might be cause HB to not operate properly? Thanks!

  • Huberson
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    Hello emilio_gagliardi ,
    I couldn't notice anything odd with the images or rendering on the from page.

    But if not logged in to the site, there seems to be a temporary redirect that sends to https://www.domain.com/?v=c23fa9996925, and a contentious reload of the page.
    Not 100% sure if that could be the cause of the issue but I'd suggest try deactivating this option from SG Optimizer > "Remove Query Strings From Static Resources", clear caches and check.

    Also noticed you have a couple options enabled from "SG Optimizer" that Hummingbird already provides(mainly Gzip and Browser Caching). To avoid conflict, it's best using one or the other. And possibly deactivate SG Optimizer see if that addresses the weirdness you mentioned above.

    Make sure to also enable the 'Debug' option under Hummingbird > Assets Optimization settings and temporary deactivate the CDN see if that make a difference.


  • emilio_gagliardi
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Thank you kindly for investigating the issue. I have since completely deactivated HB which is why you didn't see anything odd. I knew that a redirect issue must be caused by caching, but I assumed it must be HB. I just turned off the querystring rewrite feature.
    I will wait till later tonight and re-install HB and see if it starts working correctly after that point. I will update here when I am able to reactivate HB.

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