Hummingbird issues – according to our host server this plug-in is breaking our site

Here’s what the folks and liquid web have reported:

John P. (Liquid Web)

Oct 24, 8:27 AM EDT

“Hello again,

Thank you for the additional information. After digging into this a bit deeper I was able to resolve the problem at least partially. I found that there were some missing javascript resources which were being called in wp-hummingbird-cache files. These missing resources were generating additional load times, and there was also something in the cache which was causing the page to load incorrectly and not display the proper headers or background.

Upon disabling the hummingbird plugin and checking the site, the site layout looks more complete to me. The load time has also improved slightly. If you need to continue using the hummingbird plugin, I would suggest clearing the cache from that plugin if possible.

I also implemented some text in the .htaccess to leverage browser caching through Apache in order to improve overall site speed. The other major item on the gtmetrix report we generated suggests serving scaled images. However as this is a photography site I can understand the need to serve high-resolution images.

My shift is coming to an end, so I will hand this ticket off to the next available technician. If the site is not in an acceptable condition, we can go ahead with the restore as you requested. Otherwise, we can continue working on improving the site speed as necessary. Have a great day.


John P.

Linux Support Technician”

Anything we can do as we were hoping that hummingbird would help our site performance – not destroy it.