Hummingbird low optimize images score.

I keep getting the same notification about compressing 1 image. I've done with smush but with no improvement.
I don't understand how 1 photos can make the Hummingbird score so low. And in smush I have Super-smush enabled and all images are smushed and up to date. Please help!

  • James Morris

    Hello John

    I've just checked your site and I'm seeing that Hummingbird is reporting a perfect 100 score for images. It's possible that you have some caching going on that could conflict with our remotely hosted API which would give an incorrect result initially. But, after some time, this cache clears and the new updated image is detected.

    Please note: When performing testing and optimization with Hummingbird, it's generally best to test without server-side caching enabled and with all site cache cleared. This will give you the most accurate report. You can then optimize from there.

    I hope this clarifies a bit.

    Best regards,

    James Morris

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