Hummingbird Minification Breaking Header Menu

Currently, there are 2 cache plugins installed, (Hummingbird and W3 Total Cache), W3T has minification enabled and if Hummingbird Minification is enabled the Header Menu breaks.
Without Minification Enabled

With notification enabled but without any element being minified

Settings on Hummingbird

URL of the site is, Staff Access is Enabled

Thanks in advance.

  • Alex Stine

    Hello Rob
    Hope you're well!

    Minify can be one of those things that is sometimes hard to get working as expected. My first recommendation would be to disable W3 Total Cache's Minify function since they could be conflicting with each other. You should also disable W3 Total Cache's Browser Caching function if Browser Caching is active in Hummingbird. If your page looks broken after disabling W3 Total Cache, don't forget to clear the Page, Database, Object, and CDN caches if those are enabled.

    After W3 Total Cache is squared a way and your site is still broken, it's time to tweak the Hummingbird Minify settings. You will want to tweak the Combine, Position, and Minify settings on each file checking your site each time you save the changes to see what breaks your site and what doesn't. Each site has different "perfect" settings, it just takes a bit of manipulating of the options to get it operating correctly.

    Hope this helps. Please let me know if I can assist with any further questions.

    Alex :smiley:

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