Hummingbird Minification Breaking Layerslider

Staff Notes: Tested uncombining and removing from footer all CSS/Js files - partially worked, but still didn't display home page slider on mobile. Likely caching conflicts involved here as well.

Main issue: when minificaton is turned on, home page slider images don't show up and site load speed is slow

uncombining and removing files from footer lead to mixed results. Turning off minification altogether resolves the problem.

Secondary issue that we need to try and replicate: Trying to disable minification resulted in it automatically trying to re-minify everything

Support Access is granted

  • Andy
    • Product Design Lead

    Saffron I have notified the developers who maintain Hummingbird - they should be able to help. I have had lots of issues when caching is heavily applied. Some checks:

    1. Make sure you've fully cleared your CloudFlare cache, and any other caching plugins or server caching you have active.

    2. Double check that the scripts your homepage slider uses are being enqueued correctly via WP methods. In the past I've had JS files that were added inline not using properly registering etc and that caused issues.

    3. Clear your browsers cache.

    Hope some of this helps - obviously we'd prefer it to work naturally, but sometimes some debugging is needed. Hopefully a tech-minded guru will be able to help shortly!


  • Anton Vanyukov
    • Developer

    Hi Saffron,

    I've taken a look at your website. You are using an Avada theme which has an option to do the combining and minification of JavaScript files. This option is enabled on your website (Avada - Theme Options - Advanced - Dynamic CSS & JS - Enable JS Compiler). If you are using this option, then jquery-core and jquery-migrate need to be excluded from the minification process of HB.

    I have enabled minification on your website and excluded these files. Both the desktop and mobile version work fine for me. Please check and see if it is working well for you.

    I also tried disabling minification - no issues encountered, disabled as expected. If you continue to encounter the issue with disabling minification and all files being minified again, please provide the exact steps so I can replicate the issue.

    Also, some advice on using the Avada theme and performance. If you go to Avada - Theme Options - Advanced - Theme Features, you will see many options turned on by default. If you are not using Mega Menu, YouTube API Scripts or any other library, you can safely turn them off and Avada will not load unnecessary JavaScript libraries. That will have a good impact on performance.

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