[Hummingbird] More advanced controls over Minification

Hi Guys,

Love the suite of plugins, however I've had wildly varied experience with minification. It would be great to see more refined / advanced controls over what is minified / combined. Currently there is a lot of guesswork involved here.

For instance when I try to combine groups of CSS or JS together, I'll save settings, clear cache and check front end only to find nothing has been combined yet.

If the combination process takes some time then it would be great to have a status indicator on this, or some sort of feedback.

Additionally as mentioned before, being able to group stuff together would be great. For example by plugins.

We use Elementor for a lot of client sites these days and while it is great, it pumps out a lot of JS. Being able to group this all in to one package would be fantastic.

Let me know what you guys think.