[Hummingbird] Need To Discuss Our Future

Guys, this may be it. I have had the trial for a few days, and I'm beyond frustration. actually honestly I'm totally pissed. I have been very devoted with getting my performance grades in the green. I now have most in green 2 in yellow, and a new one red on server response time. This is new and I have never had this before. Before you say plugin I have already made adjustments with the plugins. All the new ones, which btw I got from you I deactivated. I have deactivated several others as well. Your precious smush isn't the greatest. After two runs of smushing, I had to remove some images that showed they were reduced in size by as much as 70%. How can you optimize any more then this and you can't because I can't find ways to smush just one file. I took a beautiful site and had to almost destroy it, reduce the home page by more then one half, lost almost all my images on the front leaving 2 or 3 images. Smush isn't doing the job. I have spent several weeks building this, and now in a matter of days, watch it unravel . Hey I have been doing this shit for years hell decades, I wanted the perfect site and I trusted you. Now, I have seen my overall performance score go from 69 to 61 with the server problem and believe me , my host will deny that it's their servers. It is shared and they told me at this point they would not recommend a VPS. So what the hell am I doing wrong ? What can I do to preserve my sanity and our relationship and business.? I will open up or extend access for you if you want to look around or if you could help to increase performance . I'm frustrated and very tired. Thanks