Hummingbird not making my site faster, its slower

After uniinstalling my old minify and gzip plugins and installing yours, my scores are drastically effected on speed scores.

All most every major speed checker ( Pingdom, GTmetric) all claim that my website is no longer gzipped, or minified and my java script parsing is bad now. I bought this to bring everything under one roof, but it seems that the free plug ins do a better job?

  • James Morris

    Hello Timothy,

    I hope you are well today.

    I logged into your site via Support Staff Login and I see in the message box you are referring to an issue with Defender, but not Hummingbird. Also, I see that you do not have Hummingbird installed. I'm afraid that, if you do not have Hummingbird installed, there's not much I can do to help you get the most out of it.

    However, the most common pitfalls members have with Hummingbird are:

    1. Gzip compression
    2. Minification

    These seem to be the most common causes for problems.

    With regards to Gzip, usually it's a simple matter of either the .htaccess file not being writable, the server not loading the proper module, or the server not being configured to support compression of all content types. Without being able to access your server though, that would be hard to determine.

    With regards to minification... This is a very powerful tool in Hummingbird. One that should be used with caution and testing. Reason being is, if you just bulk enable Minification of all your CSS and JS files, your site will likely break because not all CSS and JS files play nicely together. This is particularly true of highly advanced theme frameworks. Some scripts and styles have to be loaded after others in order to function properly.

    If you bulk activate the Minification, you can easily revert the settings. The following video goes through the basic steps of testing each file one at a time.

    The basic idea is to disable minify and combine globally, then enable it on a one-by-one basis.

    That being said, even with all the power available in Hummingbird, you may want to consider a full-page caching solution as well, or even a CDN if you are experiencing a high traffic load. When tested properly and implementing features selectively, many users have had great success running Hummingbird, W3 Total Cache and Cloudflare all together. But this takes careful planning and thorough testing.

    I hope this clarifies a bit.

    Best regards,

    James Morris

  • Timothy


    The Site indeed does have Hummingbird installed, I run and control my own server so i do have full access and it does support these features.

    I have gone through the complete install of Hummingbird including the "powerful" minification tool and all the highest rated speed check sites claim i have done nothing. The plug in reports that i have minified and Gzipped , while editing my htaccess files. So i have no clue why you are seeing it not installed. Even the simple dashboard in the HUB shows it installed.

    Please Help me get these things knocked away! I love your plug ins and want them to work to their full capacity. I'm trying to get one site completely tuned away. then i will be adding to 50+ sites.

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