[Hummingbird] One more problem with Hummingbird : conflict with payment system


I'm usually very happy with your plugins (and amazingly happy with your great support), but I'm about done with Hummingbird ! Since I implemented it on all my website it's been problems after problems ! :slight_frown:

I posted about other issues in another ticket, but here's the current (and more important and problematic issue) :

I don't know how and why, but since I activated Hummingbird, our payment processing system (called "EVOSELL":wink: doesn't work anymore... We only notice this after my customer told me he didn't got any sales for a week and some customer's of his complained they didn't get the product they paid for...

Before you ask, yes, I'm sure the problem is related to Hummingbird, because I did a plugin test, and after Humminbird's deactivation, our payment processing system started working again...

I had to deactivate hummingbord for now, but I'd really wish to fix the issue so Hummingbird works with our payment system EVOSELL because, I mean, both stuff are important and should work together.

I know the developper of EVOSELL, so I can ask him questions if needed, but could you have a look on your end and try to tell me what's causing a conflict between Hummingbird and EVOSELL ?

Thanks a lot for your help ! I granted you admin access.

Best regards,