[Hummingbird] OpCache Support (and other fancy W3/Rocket Toys)

We're currently in the process of migrating all of our sites from W3 Total Cache to Hummingbird, but it seems that despite Hummingbird's many benefits and significantly simpler interface, our new avian friend still lacks a few of the other bells and whistles of its more mature counterparts.

We've recently enabled OpCache at a server level across the board, but we need need a caching tool that can fully take advantage of it before we'll be able to enjoy the benefits.

Back in January, it was announced in a comment over here (https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/hummingbird-gets-full-caching/) that "we are working on this feature and it should be available in one of the upcoming updates to the plugin", but thus far... no such luck.

Additionally, another of the sites we manage currently uses WP Rocket, which seems to have quite a few extra tricks up its sleeve as well... so I'm really hoping that the WPMU team can take a liberal amount of inspiration of the best features from there as well and incorporate here :slight_smile:

    • Anton Vanyukov

      Hi theProduct,

      Sorry that this didn't make it to one of the releases... yet... But it is going to be done sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, not the upcoming release, because it's mostly done and will be in testing any day now, but don't see why something can't be done for the release after.

      By the way, in your opinion, is there anything specific that HB is lacking in terms of opcache integration (or maybe some other integration) that would make it a go to tool when it comes to caching?

      In any case, I'll keep you updated in this thread once I have more info.

      Best regards,

  • theProduct

    Thanks Anton Vanyukov and James Farmer !

    Well, on the fly (by which I mean quickly flicking through the tabs of a WP Rocket install and saying "oohh, that looks pretty" and listing it here), I'd say:

    - Rocket Tester (WP Rocket) / Edge Mode (W3): A simple 'lets push it!' option to separate the gamblers/testers from the 'um.. no' demographics.
    - Rocket Analysis: I give you data, you give me a better tool. Win, win.
    - Separate caching files for mobile devices. That sounds sweet.
    - Is there an option in HB to combine Google Font calls?
    - The Critical CSS scan/process seemed kinda cool. Couldn't get it to work for me, but YMMV?
    - LazyLoad integration and the option to replace YouTube iFrames with preview images is sweet.
    - Disable Embeds would be great to add alongside the murder-the-emojis checkbox.
    - I don't recall a preload option where I can specify my sitemap either (although adding this with a simple 'auto detect my sitemap if I use these known plugins' option would be cool for new players).
    - I'd like to be able to specify (with regex, please) URLs not to cache. The define code is great and all, but not overly user friendly.
    - The always purge urls and cache specific query strings options from rocket are also pretty sweet (albeit niche).
    - For those with Varnish, support for that would be great, I guess. I don't have Varnish, so not really an issue for me.
    - Not a WP Rocket feature, but an auto match for the cloudflare integration, once API and email are entered, would be sweet (and ties into my next line item)
    - OH MY WORD: EXPORT SETTINGS. This would save soooo much time when rolling this out to a bajillion sites.. Integrating this into The Hub 2.0 will obviously help things here a lot, but either way... anything that simplifies 'this is how I want them all to be setup' would be wonderful... Just make sure that CloudFlare auto detects the URL rather than trying to link all the sites to the same URL or something numpty like that.

    On a side note, a clearer clarification as to what is happening with Asset Optimisation would be great. It's still kinda.. confusing.

    Hope that helps! :smiley:

    ~The guy that always gives crazy long feature request lists.

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