[Hummingbird] Optimize database tables and advanced options

With the new developments in Hummingbird, I noticed that I start to have more overlapping optimization settings in different plugins.

I have Hummingbird Pro, Optimize Database and Perfmatters installed. Hummingbird is doing most of the optimizations, but I notice shortcomming before I can turn of the other two:

– My optimize database plugin is also optimizing database tables. I don't notice that step in Hummingbird yet.

– My perfmatters plugin is having a lot more performance settings to fix for my mulitsite installation. Hummingbird is having: url querry strings and emoji settings. Perfmatters also have options for: Disable Embeds, Disable XML-RPC, Remove jQuery Migrate, Hide WP Version, Remove wlwmanifest Link, Remove RSD Link, Remove Shortlink, Disable RSS Feeds, Remove RSS Feed Links, Disable Self Pingbacks, Remove REST API Links, Disable Dashicons, Disable Google Maps, Disable Password Strength Meter, Disable Heartbeat, Heartbeat Frequency, Limit Post Revisions, Autosave Interval, and Disable specific elements of WooCommerce like Disable Scripts, Disable Cart Fragmentation, Disable Status Meta Box, Disable Widgets

If Hummingbird will do these too, I can deactivate two more plugin. Would be cool for me. Maybe you have other plugin who could be deactivated? What other performance options do your plugins give you?

Since the WP optimizing plugin business is big, I leave my comparrision open with this shared doc. Feel free to add your views on the plugins too. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1W215w_edKgDutaMGtRi3JZoQsoQ3AM6mT6YnAG8v-Bs/edit?usp=sharing