[Hummingbird] Passing Minify HTML test, but HTML is not minified

The site is passing the "Minify HTML" portion of the Performance Test in Hummingbird, but the html is not minified. I have a plugin installed "Minify HTML" that, when activated, minifies the HTML, though I've left that plugin deactivated for about a week and re-run the performance test... still passes.

My goal is to see if I can minify the HTML without the use of that plugin, but I'm confused why I'm passing the test even when the code is not minified.

I've granted support access in case that helps.

If you could copy this email address in any updates that would be very helpful too: jhawes@capitoltechsolutions.com

  • Ash

    Hello Jeremy

    HB scan usually cached for some time. So, when it scanned, then the html was minified and still showing the same result. If you check the pagespeed (which actually used by HB too) you will see that HTML is not minified.

    For HB test result, I recommend to wait couple more hours and it will show a fresh result when the cache is expired :slight_smile:

    Please let us know if you still see the same after couple of hours. Have a nice day!


  • Anton Vanyukov

    Hi Jeremy ,

    You are confusing the Gzip compression for HTML with HTML code compression? It's two completely different things. The Minify HTML plugin does not set Gzip compression header, it minifies the HTML code by removing unnecessary comments and code tags. Hummingbird sets the Gzip compression headers for HTML content.

    Also, could you please specify what minify HTML test you are talking about?

    Best regards,

  • Jeremy

    Hi Anton,

    The plugin Hummingbird is handling the Gzip compression of the files correctly it appears. I'm running an additional plugin, which I've turned off for a few weeks, to minify the HTML. I would prefer the html files to be both compressed and minified.

    I'm just confused why I'm passing with a perfect score in Hummingbird for minified html... from what I can tell it is not minified (I've had the plugin that handles that disabled and when I view the source code it's not minified).

    The longterm goal is to eliminate any plugins that I don't need.

    However, I can't tell if I can eliminate the "Minify HTML" plugin because I'm passing the test for minified html and it appears the html is not minified.

  • Jeremy

    Got it. That would make sense as I didn't ever see any options to minify the HTML. Looks like I'll need to re-activate the 'Minify HTML' plugin... seems pretty light weight though, so not a big deal.

    Just to confirm though - the "Minify HTML" 100% pass (bottom left) doesn't mean that... it means HTML Gzip Compression 100% pass (screenshot attached - Pass in the bottom left).

    Only confirming this so I can confirm things to internal management... they're trying to figure out what plugins we need vs we don't need while also wanting all the files both compressed and minified, so I'm trying to give them 100% accurate answers on all this stuff.

  • Jeremy

    I'm not sure if you're missing the point here.

    The score says "Minify HTML" = 100% pass.

    Is the actual HTML being minified? No. The score should read 0% pass.

    I thought your previous response was saying that it only checks for Gzip compression, which is completely different from the code being minified from everything I've read.

    Further, I can install another plugin that actually does minify the HTML.

    Ultimately the score means nothing if it isn't accurate and it doesn't appear to be... unless I'm completely missing something... I'm guessing I might be too, which is why I'm trying to figure this thing out more.

    • Anton Vanyukov


      Sorry if I confused you a bit. I will try to explain. Hummingbird is using Google PageSpeed to assess your website. And Google is using it's own algorithms to determine whether a score should be 100%, 90% or 0%, based on the impact that a certain test has on the performance of your website.

      As for the Minify HTML plugin, I was implying that the plugin title s a bit misleading, and judging from the description it does the "minification" by removing unused comments and HTML tags. Taking into consideration that Google PageSpeed is reporting a perfect 100% score for "Minify HTML", I would believe that the two are not as closely related as the title of the plugin suggests. But I am not a developer of that plugin, I might be wrong, I am just trying to help you interpret the performance score.

      Hope that clears up the confusion.
      Best regards,

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