[Hummingbird] Performance hummingbird does not work


We are currently using your plugin "Hummingbird Pro" in one of our sites, it seems impossible to measure the performance of our website and requests If there is any toruble to open a support ticket. The error continues to appear no matter what we do. We will grant you access to the website from dashboard support in order for you to fix it.

Thank you in advance. The following text is the error we're continously getting:

The performance test didn't return any results. This probably means you're on a local website (which we can't scan) or something went wrong trying to access WPMU DEV. Try again and if this error continues to appear please open a ticket with our support heroes

The host site that failures is tormofranquicias.es.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello es3w

    I hope you're fine today and thank you for your question!

    I have checked your site and I can see the issue there. I could also see it when checking the site with our WP Checkup from outside.

    This usually happens when the site is either not available "from outside" (e.g. is a local site), there's some sort of "maintenance mode" enabled that returns wrong HTTP codes or the site is responding too slow, though none of this seems to be the case here.

    Another common reason is when there's some firewall/security tool that rejects connection (test is performed by our servers so it's "from outside"). Are you aware of any server-side tools of that kind on you host?

    Also, have you already tried to perform a full conflict test as described on this chart?:

    If not, please give it a go and let me know about results. Sometimes there's a plugin or some setting of the theme that can cause performance scan to break and such test should reveal it.

    I'll be looking forward to your response and depending on the information about aforementioned firewall/security tools and conflict test results, we'll take further steps to resolve the issue.

    Kind regards,

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