Hummingbird pin point already smushed images

I have all the images compressed with Smush Pro but running performance test from Hummingbird, my previous score 91 dropped to 54 because of non-optimized images.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hi Toni

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I understand your concern but I wouldn't worry that much about the score itself, it doesn't necessarily reflect actual page speed directly - it's based on aspects detected that "could possibly speed up the site if applied". So it's a bit different than actual speed/performance measure.

    However, I'm concerned about those images being detected at all by the performance test as they do seem to be already optimized and HB still suggests they should be compressed. That indeed is an issue. What's bothering me even more is the fact that:

    - after clearing Autoptimize cache and internal HB cache I went to Smush
    - I used "re-check" files and four files were detected as needing optimization
    - I run bulk smush on them and they were processed
    - I cleared those caches again and run another performance test
    - and yet - nothing changed in results, the score is still the same and the same images are reported.

    This actually makes me thing that it might be a "false alarm" in that sense that the images might indeed be already optimized but for some reason the test is not detecting that. I see that you're hosting with BlueHost - is there any server-side cache whatsoever? If you could access cPanel and look for any caching options there that'd be great. If there are any caches, could you please clear them and if possible temporarily disable, then clear Autoptimize cache and run performance test again?

    I'm wondering if it will change test results. If not, let me know please and we'll need to investigate it further.

    Kind regards,

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