Hummingbird plugin is messing up my site?

Hi, i have used your plugins but all the time there is problem - this time I thought I will ask :slight_smile:
1. Hummingbird plugin is making website homepage not scrollable. Im using other theme then yours- is that the reason? Other pages the scrolling is working?
2. also if you look some other pages then header is messed up - im sure it is something to to with mingifaction .. .


  • Nastia

    Hello Riin , I trust you are doing well today!

    I believe this is because the minification feature is enabled.

    Minification feature can combine minify and change the JS files position. Not all themes and plugins are built following the Wordpress standards, so minifying & combining the JS files that belong to these types of plugins or themes might break the way they are functioning.

    When it comes to a minification you need to play around with settings, changing files positions one at a time and checking the front end for any issues.

    So right now you need to locate the what JS files that are combined and minified right now are causing these issues. Deactivate the minifications for these files and check if the front end is working as it should.

    If you still have this issue, please grant access from WPMU DEV > Support so I can have a closer look?

    Please see the detailed instructions on the link below:

    Let me know when you do!


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