[Hummingbird Pro] advanced-cache.php not updating w/ plugin updates

I wanted to report a consistent issue that I keep running into. Whenever I update the Hummingbird plugin, it’ll often leave the old advanced-cache.php file in place.

It took me a while to figure out what was causing erratic spikes on some of my CloudLinux LVE manager user accounts… and then I finally figured it out.

I found a quick fix, by simple disabling cache, and then enabling it again… but still, this seems like something that should happen automatically when updating Hummingbird. **And also, this has been happening for the last several months. It’s only now that I had a quick second to submit this.

Wasn’t sure if anyone else had caught this, so i wanted to report it.
…and just so you can see the *SPIKES*, here’s a screenshot of an account that I tweaked this afternoon. …night & day difference, after replacing the advanced-cache.php file.