[Hummingbird Pro] Caching inline CSS

I just read this about caching inline CSS and thought it could be a great addition to Hummingbird. Details are below, read the linked articles.

What do you think? :slight_smile:

From the Smashing Magazine newsletter:

"With browsers having to download and parse CSS files before rendering a page, your CSS can easily become a performance bottleneck. To improve the perceived performance, Milica Mihajlija suggests extracting and inlining critical CSS (https://web.dev/extract-critical-css) for above-the-fold-content. However, inlining prevents the file from being cached for reuse. To close this gap, Scott Jehl found a solution that uses Service Worker and Caching APIs to enable caching for inline code (https://www.filamentgroup.com/lab/inlining-cache.html). Combined, Milica’s and Scott’s solutions make a perfect match to take your site’s performance to the next level."