[Hummingbird Pro] Custom threshold setting for Uptime monitor

Hi guys,

I am getting A LOT of false positives from Uptime monitor. Like dozens a day. I love the Uptime feature, because it gives me the power to have ‘eyes everywhere’ and I’m able to respond quickly if a site goes down for some reason.

But lately I’ve been getting hundreds of false positive mails. Different sites, different hosts.

I know what your response is going to be; you can see if there are bottlenecks and the site is ‘just’ loading slow (30 seconds and such).

I know. I’ve been reading into this subject, and I am with you on that one, absolutely! But some of my customers a; don’t want to change hosts, b; don’t fix there sites, nor do they want me to do so. Yet, I am still monitoring these sites for them and they pay me for it.

Now the solution for me would be kind of simple. I would like to be able to adjust the threshold for Uptime monitor. For some websites it is simply okay for me to let them load impractically slow and only notify me when the website is really really down.

Hope you guys can add this feature to the Uptime monitor.

Keep up the good work!
Kind regards,