[Hummingbird Pro] Hummingbird – caching for logged in users (WooCommerce)

would it be possible to tweak the caching for "Include logged in users" option to be role specific?

i'm specifically referring to Admin vs Customers (WooCommerce).

– when i'm logged in as admin, our main catalog page takes several seconds to load.

– when i'm not logged in (incognito mode), it loads in less than 1 second

– when i'm logged in as a customer, it (again) takes several seconds

when the "Include logged in users" is activated, the page load time is fast for everyone, but i'm fearful that something on the site isn't going to quite work correctly when that setting is on (the site is simply too massive to verify what is/isn't working, especially after updating plugins/etc)

i'd like to believe that there has to be a happy medium that'd allow for the additional caching performance benefit for the customers, that wouldn't end up creating a potential 'admin cache glitch'.

(just a thought, but even if we could add a few lines into wp-config for the time being to adjust this setting would be an amazing start)


"Clear full cache when post/page is updated"

and secondly, on the woocommerce note (my apologies for not creating a second ticket)…

there's WAY too many scheduled tasks and background updates happening all the time. i don't have "hard proof" that these background actions are clearing the cache, but it certainly feels as though they are.

having additional sub-settings on "Clear full cache when post/page is updated" would be super nice. we have nearly 100k products in our catalog. having all that cache cleared out whenever there's a new product added or anything is edited (orders, products, pages, etc) REALLY slows things down.

99% of the time, the only changes/additions that we're making are adding new products and processing orders. it seems a little redonkulous that 90k+ pages are cleared from cache when there's only a handful that are actually effected by the update (at most, i'd estimate maybe 1-2k)

for hummingbird to really make some magic happen, these 2 issues really need to be modified for us to truly take advantage of the plugin's performance offerings.