[Hummingbird Pro] Integrate page scanning feature from Automate into Uptime

Hi Guys,
I like the page scanning feature from Automate, where it checks if a page (or pages) are changed significantly after updating a plugin. This is great for finding errors.

But I would love a similar function in the Uptime feature in Hummingbird. Wouldn’t it be great if Uptime not only checks if the website is loadable, but also if it’s loading in the way it did before and is supposed to. (scanning the page like a new user would see it. In incognito for instance, not cached)

Sometimes caching problems occur and don’t get noticed directly by me or my clients. Or maybe a client changes something on the website without me as a developer knowing they messed up something. I can list a few other instances for how this might come in handy but I think the feature is pretty clear.

Maybe others will like this feature too, maybe not. Just wanted to share my thoughts.

A while ago I asked for the feature masking the login page. This is now build-in in Defender. Love to contribute and make your products better for all of us.

Looking forward to your response. Keep up the great work!