Hummingbird Pro’s Asset Optimization Help

Is there a WPMU tech genius that can set the assets on our Asset Optimization page to the best that each one can be at? I’ve tried countless times to set each one, but every time I get one step ahead and our website speed, for example, gets to the 80’s, I make another setting and it all drops down to the red again (like 5). Furthermore, there were times when it all looked good and I was done, but I’d go to the website a day later and things were all messed up, forcing me to go all the way back to the beginning and start over again (and me never being able to get to a high score again, I should add). Very frustrating. Eventually, I just gave up on it and all of the settings have been turned off.

I REALLY need an expert! I do know that when Ubermenu and ShiftNav, the plugins that we use for the menu, is sent to the footer or combined with something else, the menu doesn’t display like it should, and the dashicons.css and underscore.min.js have to be adjusted carefully because they break the website if you make the wrong settings to them.

PS: I’m aware of the instructions in the documentation and have followed through with them countless times as well, but like I mentioned, I’ve always had to go back and start all over.