[Hummingbird] Question Regarding Hummingbird Performance Improvement

Hi, I ran the performance test and it showed me there are a few images I can compress to improve the website performance. Then I used Bulk Smush and ran the performance test again, but the result is still the same. Also, I cannot find those images recommended to be compressed in the media library. How could it be? Please help, thanks!

  • jnkfrancis

    Hi Weston,

    I hope things are going well. I'm here to help you out with Hummingbird. To do that I will need support access to see what is going on.

    Could you please enable Support Access?

    We have a guide here to walk you through the process if you are unfamiliar with granting support access. https://premium.wpmudev.org/docs/getting-started/getting-support/#chapter-5

    Once you do that please respond to this post that you have enabled Support Access so I will know and then I will be able to take a look.



  • jnkfrancis

    Hi Weston,

    When you look at your performance report, you will find a small arrow on the right of each row that will expand the section and reveal more details and settings. (see screenshot)

    In your case, all of the images that are coming up as not optimized are not in your default image wp-content/uploads folder. Smush only compresses images in that folder by default. you will need to tell Smush to search for and compress images in your other folders as well to get the full benefits. To do that you can click on the "Configure Smush Pro" button in the report, or go to Smash Pro > Directory Smush then click on the blue button "Choose Directory"

    From there you can check all of the directories/images that you want smush to include when it scans and smushes. (see screenshot)

    That will compress the images, but you will also want to be sure that you are using the right sized image for the space in the layout. For example, if you have a 600x300px image space and you use a 900x450px image and shrink it down to fit that space it will return a result that the image could be optimized.

    I hope that helps you in your hunt for the highest Page Speed score you can get. If you need further help let us know.


  • Weston

    Hi Jeremy,

    Thanks for the help! The performance score did rise after I follow your instructions.
    However, there are still some pictures that are recommended to be compressed in the list.

    The first three, as you said, are from the third party site. Should I just ignore them?
    And for the last three, I tried Directory Smush to compress them, but they still show up on the improvement list. I was just wondering if it still matters because the load time of my website has already improved so much.

    One other question, I would also like to move on to minify JavaScript files but not sure how to do it. I've tried Asset Optimization and clicked almost every compression button. But still, there are some js files can be improved. Am I doing it wrong or is there another way to minify the files?

    Thanks again for your help!

  • jnkfrancis

    Hi Weston,

    So taking a look at your most recent test, you scored really well on images and now your low water marks are the JS minification and Server Performance.

    Regarding your images, there really isn't anything you can do about those third-party sites unless you are able somehow to change out the image URLs and use your own local images. If they are being loaded via a script or an iframe then there is little you can do about it. I ran Smush again for you over those images and they came off your report, with the exception of the captcha image which I think changes every time the page loads so I don't know that you will be able to compress that one.

    Now, regarding the JS files, there is only one JS file on that list that is yours, the others are third-party scripts and there isn't anything you can do about them. The other script, while it is on your server is likely not being enqueued properly so Hummingbird can't optimize it. That will happen from time to time and really the only thing you can do is, manually minify that file using a minification service and replace it, or ignore it. The drawback to replacing it is that if they update the plugin, your minified file will get overwritten. That said a few un-minified JS files won't greatly affect your score.

    The issue that is really bringing your score down right now is the issue of Server Response Time. You have a few options, one is to make sure that Page Caching is enabled, and working. It appears on your site, your caching is enabled but not working. Check out Hummingbird > Caching to see the warning and the remedy. (See screenshot) It looks like you will need to check your wp-config.php file and make sure that Hummingbird's special settings are enabled there.

    Also, try going to Hummingbird > Advanced Tools and turn on both the "Remove Query Strings" & "Remove Emoji JS & CSS".

    You can also contact your host and ask them to upgrade you to PHP 7 and make sure that they are doing everything on their end to make sure your server is performing at its best. If you can make some tweaks to this area of your site performance you will get a pretty great score.

    Also, remember that the "Improve Server Response Time" metric can vary with each test, based on internet traffic, network conditions, caching, and the current state of your server. So you can expect to see some slight changes with each test, but if you see sweeping changes then you will want to talk to your host about that.

    If you need help with that caching error let me know and I will be able to walk you through that.


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