[Hummingbird] Redis Support

Add to hummingbird support for redis chk this link for more information.

  • Tony G
    • Mr. LetsFixTheWorld

    +1 At this moment in my evolution as a WP admin, I'm struggling to understand and find good server-based caching tools. There are lots of names out there like XCache, Fast Cache, OPCache, Redis, etc. I'm all for anything that eliminates redundant disk and database access, as well as redundant processing for common requests, especially on mostly static pages.

  • splaquet
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    I just installed a free redis set on one of my testing servers. Not gonna lie, but I was *blown away* at the increased speed performance.

    Since t's a third party software that needs to be installed on the server level first, I'd have to assume that the average hosting company isn't going to have it installed on their systems. It also sounds as though to set up the software to achieve maximum performance, there's a lot of potential security issues that can arise on shared hosting installs.

    I'd agree that it'd be totally badass to have. I believe that you're going to have to see cPanel or CloudLinux implement it into their OS, in a secure manner, before it'll be widely adapted within the shared hosting community.

    • Tony G
      • Mr. LetsFixTheWorld

      There are some things that shared users will simply never be able to enjoy. I don't mind features, documentation, and other assistance from WPMU DEV that targets specific environment types. For example, if we need NodeJS, Python, Java, or some other infrastructure in place to get some really great functionality, I'd rather that we have the option, than to be restricted to the least common denominator of locked-down shared hosts.

      To be clear, I run WP over both shared servers and self-hosted cloud. This is no insult to shared users. It's a recognition that if we want to play with better toys we might need to hop out of the sandbox.

    • Tony G
      • Mr. LetsFixTheWorld

      That's an interesting point. Does, or will, WPMU DEV put as much focus on offerings that might help attract a more broad audience? Or is there an intentional, strategic plan to "somewhat" exclusively address their traditional audience?

      We've all seen businesses prosper or fail for trying to be too much to too many, or too focused for too small an audience. James has expressed many times that he is keenly aware of these concerns of balance. When I post notes here about code, alternative approaches, etc, I have no idea if I'm firing my arrows at the target audience that is either here, or that is desired here, or if I'm shooting above the existing and intended audience.

      My impression is that the WPMU DEV target audience is a tier of WP hosting providers who want single-vendor plug-n-play solutions to resell to end-user clients - just make it convenient for people to install and configure something that they can resell and they'll be happy to pay for the kickstart. Create a scatter chart with that focus as a point, and then splatter the chart with dots to represent skills and desires of the existing member base, and you'll see a very diverse scatter chart. But I think that's their target demographic and a lot of the dots will be close to that focus point. Stuff like Redis is a bit outside of that scope. Does the company want to shift to attract more people who are a bit outside of the traditional scope? Or for now are they really focused on dominating their defined space? I have no clue.

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