Hummingbird "Remove Render Blocking Ressources" Section

Hey WPMU Devs,
Been playing a lot with Hummingbird recently trying to find the best setup for my website.
Using Cloudflare & Cloudways I was able to achieve at least 92-100% in every aspect except the "Remove Render Blocking Ressources" one, which gives me a mere 12%.
So I went on and clicked on it to obtain more information, but the specific files that are apparently in cause here are Hummingbird cache. It shows up like this :

Remove render-blocking JavaScript:

Optimize CSS Delivery of the following:

So I'm not sure I understand what this is... I read a little more on the subject and it told me to do some minification but everytime I try to minify only a single file or a few ones, it breaks my site. Either by disabling a plugin shortcodes, or by changing the theme layout, etc..

Any idea on what could help here ?

EDIT : I should also indicate that I don't have any caching setup on my network at this time.
Clouflare is on Dev Mode, Server Varnish Cache is disabled and there's no caching plugin running on the website. So the fact that cached files are the ones blocking the render is a little wierd !

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Vincent Solutions Support,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    The "remove render blocking resources" issue can be mostly solved by enabling Minification, as you already noticed. You mentioned that everytime you do this, it breaks your site. That unfortunately can happen because Hummingbird's minification is very complex process that in facts involves three different "sub-tasks": minification itself (which is kind of "compressing"/clearing up files' content), combine (which merges multiple files into less number of larger files) and movining scripts to header/footer of the site.

    There's no "universal" set of rules for this and it should be configured individually for each site. On some sites it works great "out of the box" and on some a "trial and error" configuration process is necessary.

    That being said, the configuration procedure for Minification would be as follows:

    1. enable the Minification and let the plugin set it up with default config
    2. see what parts of the site are not working and then try switching off "minify" and/or "combine" switches for selected files (files that seem to be related to these not working parts of the site)

    This may be a daunting and time consuming task but should result in solving most of the "render blocking scripts" issues.

    As for the three files from your question. These come from Hummingbird's internal cache which is necessary for plugin to work correctly. It may be difficult to optimize them and I think they'll should be ignored here.

    That said, in case you needed some more help with setting up Hummingbird's minification on your site, let me know please and I'll check it for you.

    Best regards,

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