Hummingbird report challenges

I am exciting about Hummingbird and all of the proactive tools WPMU have provided to your membership, just awesome white bbq pizza sauce :slight_smile:.

Since I have Hummingbird running on my site, I noticed that I have a low score of 56 in the server response category. Prior to my deactivating WPMU Ultimate Branding Plugin, my score was a disappointing 19. After still seeing my score at 56 and observing that site is taking much longer to open, I've decide to install P3 to check my plugins. It appears that the top 3 plugins that are causing my score of 56 are the the WPMU updates (24%) , JS Salient Composer (19%), Other (17%), and WPMU Defender (13%).

Can anyone help me with any insight as to how I could get my server response time scores up?