Hummingbird says Smush didn't optimize all images

Hummingbird gives me a 2/100 on image optimization AFTER I used smuch pro.

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Benjamin,

    Hope you're doing well.

    I had a look at your HB results and there are only 5 images shown in the report there, and the thing is that none of those images are part of your media library, you have similar images in the library but not the ones that are shown in the report.

    For example, orange-background.001.jpg is not at all in your library or any similar image to that one, and then you have 3 more that end with 001 but in the library you do have similar ones but those have strings like this e1527421263331 in their name, so it's actually not the same image as the one mentioned in the report.
    Since those images are not in your library Smush is unable to optimize them.
    I would suggest checking with theme devs how these images are added, or replace the current reported ones with the ones in your library which are optimized by Smush.

    The last image in the report is loaded from a different location, so it's not in your media library again and Smush can't optimize it.

    Best regards,

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