Hummingbird says that I am probably stuck in a redirect loop

Hummingbird uptime monitor sends down notification and says returning "Socket timeout..". debug.log shows "Error: Exceeded max redirects. Probably stuck in a redirect loop". But it's not always.

  • Huberson
    • Recruit

    There a couple reasons that could be at the root of the socket timeout issue and cause the uptime to report the site is down. Some server configuration, my refuse connection from a source if too many requests are being made from that source, causing uptime to fail communicating with the site and report down alert while the site is still up.

    You can simply turn off uptime monitoring from hummingbird if you don't want to keep receiving the site down emails alert.


    • Vaughan
      • New Recruit


      We I do not want to disable to plugin as I need to monitor downtime, however I have looked at Defender scan and it says I have 101 files in scan ignored that are all pho.ini files it says that these maybe old files and should delete. Please advise.

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